How can I record what's on Freeview?

We recommend MyFreeview® for simplicity and flexibility when recording your favourite shows on Freeview®.

Why MyFreeview?

In addition to getting all the features of Freeview®, with MyFreeview® you will be able to:

  • Record a show while watching another;
  • Record an entire series at a touch of a button;
  • Pause/rewind live TV (without the need to connect a USB hard drive);
  • Create your very own content library or box sets of your fave shows.


All MyFreeview digital recorders have two tuners built-in, which allows the device to access two channels at the same time. It's the twin-tuners that allow you to record on one channel while watching another, or record on two channels simultaneously.

In-Built Hard Drive

All MyFreeview digital recorders have at least 500GB of storage space built-in, in the form of an internal Hard Drive. This gives you 300+ hours of recording (in full HD) which means you won't need to buy or format an external Hard Drive to store your recordings.

Click here to find out more about MyFreeview®, see a full list features and what MyFreeview digital recorders are available.

USB Record (record or watch only one thing at a time)

This could be used as a replacement for an existing analogue recorder if you do not wish to purchase a MyFreeview® digital recorder.

Many of the Freeview® receivers and TVs with Freeview|HD® built-in can provide basic recording by connecting an external USB HDD device.
Just look for this icon on the Approved Products List.




  • You will only be able to record what's being watched with this set-up as the USB device will be recording from the channel that the receiver or TV is tuned to.
  • If your brand of TV with Freeview|HD® built-in is in the Approved Products List, this means the current model on the market has USB Record functionalities. You may need to check your Product Manual or check with the manufacturer to confirm whether the model of your TV supports this functionality.
  • You must connect a device-compatible USB Hard-Drive in order to activate USB record.

Device-compatible USB Hard-Drives

Most manufacturers specify that the USB hard-drive must be formatted as FAT32. The product manual or the manufacturer's website should have further compatibility details for your device. Alternatively, you can check with the manufacturer by contacting the support team. Manufacturer support contacts are listed in the Approved Products List.

If you must hang on to your analogue recorder...

You can try to connect your existing analogue recorder to your Freeview® receiver / TV with Freeview|HD® built-in (you will only be able to record what's being watched with this set-up).
This is not recommended because:

  • It can be technically difficult, and
  • Analogue recorders are already phased out or being phased out in most parts of the developed world, so you may have difficulty trying to get continued support from the manufacturer of your analogue recorders.

Due to the wide range of analogue recorders and variations of connectivity requirements (for example, your analogue recorder may not have the required cable-connection to plug into your receiver or TV), we're not able to determine if this would work for you and your analogue recorder.

Please check with the manufacturer / distributor of your existing analogue recorder on how to connect it to your Freeview® digital receivers and TVs with Freeview|HD® built-in and whether this is possible for your analogue recorder.

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