MyFreeviewPlus Recorder

MyFreeviewPlus Recorders are great if you want to get On Demand on your TV and record live TV to create your very own boxsets of your favourite shows to binge whenever it suits you - subscription free.  

You can even record shows in high definition if they're broadcast in HD.

Which Recorder should I get?

If you're using a Satellite Dish, go for a model like the SatBox S8200.

If you're using a UHF aerial, go for a model like the AerialBox T2200.

They're available from Freeview Accredited Retailers.

How much do they cost?

The recommended retail price for MyFreeviewPlus Recorders start from around $400.  We don't make or stock products, so it's best to shop around for a good deal.

Once set up, you can record and enjoy On Demand on TV, subscription-free!

How do they work?

With a MyFreeviewPlus Recorder (PVR), you simply connect it to your antenna, your home broadband and your existing TV, tune in the channels then press the RED button on your Recorder remote to load the FreeviewPlus guide - pick any programme and select to record, easy!

You can also select to record an entire series by going to your Recorder's Record List (via Menu).  Once there, select the show you've set to record and book the entire series - your MyFreeviewPlus Recorder will automatically record all the episodes for that series so you can watch it whenever it suits you.

Check out MyFreeviewPlus Recorders in New Zealand here.

Find out more about Subscription-Free Recording with MyFreeview here.

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