How do I get Freeview?

Everyone in New Zealand can get Freeview - follow these steps to make sure you get the right type of Freeview for you and make use of what you've got (waste not want not)!

There are a range of Freeview options available:

  • FreeviewPlus – on demand & live TV together your TV, with a FreeviewPlus smart TVs or FreeviewPlus set top box.
  • MyFreeview|HD – PVR that lets you record 2 channels at the same time.
  • Freeview|HD – TV or set top box that lets you enjoy great national and local TV and radio.
  • MyFreeview Satellite – the satellite version of MyFreeview|HD.
  • Freeview Satellite – satellite version of Freeview|HD.

They’re all great options, and because they’re all offered by Freeview, they’re all subscription free.

1. Check your coverage

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If you're "Very Likely for Freeview|HD" and you have broadband at home, we recommend FreeviewPlus.

If you haven’t got broadband, go for MyFreeview|HD or Freeview|HD.

Otherwise go for MyFreeview Satellite or Freeview Satellite.

2. Get the right antenna to pick up signal (if you haven't already got it)

  • For FreeviewPlus, MyFreeview|HD or Freeview|HD, a rooftop UHF aerial is needed. For examples of UHF aerials, see here.
  • For MyFreeview Satellite or Freeview Satellite, a satellite dish is required. For details of these see here.

3. Get the right device to tune in the channels

If you don't already have one, you can buy Freeview Approved devices from one of these retailers.

For FreeviewPlus, connect your UHF aerial & home broadband to:

  • a FreeviewPlus Smart TV
  • or a FreeviewPlus set top box (this will connect to any existing TV so is great if you’re not looking to upgrade your TV now).

For MyFreeview|HD, connect your UHF aerial to:

  • a MyFreeview|HD digital recorder (this will connect to any TV)

For Freeview|HD, connect your UHF aerial cable to:

  • a post-2010 iDTV (most have Freeview|HD built-in);
  • or a Freeview|HD digital receiver, this will connect to any TV (if your TV has Freeview|HD built-in, then you don't need this;

For MyFreeview Satellite, connect your satellite dish to:

  • a MyFreeview Satellite digital recorder (this will connect to any TV)

For Freeview Satellite, connect your satellite dish cable to:

  • a Freeview Satellite digital receiver, this will connect to any TV;
  • or a hybrid TV (Some LG and Samsung TVs released after 2014 have a satellite receiver built-in, ask the manufacturer or ask the AV expert at your favourite electronics store).

4. Tune in the channels

Follow the device manual that comes with your TV, receiver or recorder (PVR) to tune in the channels. Check out these handy set-up videos too.

Need Installation Help?

If you don't have an antenna and need to install one, you'll find an installers directory here to help you get in touch with an installer near you.

Some retailers also offer installation assistance so be sure to ask when you buy your device.

You can also call Clearvision Communications, a nationwide accredited installations provider; they can provide end-to-end solutions (which include the antenna installation plus the receivers / recorders). Call them on 0800 255 255 for a quote.

Free Technical Advice

Lastly, if at any point of your set-up process you get stuck, check out the Support videos or drop in on the Freeview Forum - there're some tech-savvy viewers who can provide some great advice.

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