Can rural and regional areas get Freeview?

Yes. To make sure that all New Zealanders can access Freeview, it's available by both satellite dish and UHF aerial - find out the difference between the two here. This is the most cost-effective solution for New Zealand, given its topography and population, and ensures we have a robust, reliable, secure, and modern broadcasting system.

Freeview Satellite is available to nearly 100% of New Zealand homes and can be received using a Satellite Dish (a functioning pre-existing dish will work) connected to a Freeview Satellite Receiver / MyFreeview Satellite Recorder.

Freeview|HD is available to about 87% of New Zealand homes and can be received using a working UHF aerial connected to a FreeviewPlus TV, a FreeviewPlus box, a TV with Freeview|HD built-in, a Freeview|HD Receiver or a MyFreeview|HD Recorder.

See which Freeview service is best for you by checking your coverage first.

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