LG 2015 Smart TV - get FreeviewPlus on my new 2015 LG TV

You may need to enable 'HbbTV'

First make sure the model of your TV is one of the models listed here.

Also make sure you have correctly set up by connecting your broadband and your antenna directly to the TV and you've tuned in all channels. 

Once set up, if you don’t see a FreeviewPlus banner pop up on the top left of your screen each time you change to a new channel, you may need to carry out few extra steps, in order to access FreeviewPlus:

  • On your remote, press the Settings key,
  • In the right hand side menu, go to “” (Advanced Settings) using the arrow keys on your remote,
  • Go to Programmes, select HbbTV,
  • Change HbbTV setting to “ON”,
  • Return to live viewing (press the Return key on your remote).

This will enable FreeviewPlus on your new LG TV, and you should see a FreeviewPlus banner pop up top left of your screen each time you change channel. 

Pressing the RED button on your remote to load the FreeviewPlus TV Guide.

Navigating using your LG Magic Remote

Some Magic Remotes can interfere with your desired interaction with FreeviewPlus, giving you an unresponsive experience.  To fix this, simply press the UP or DOWN arrow keys on your magic remote to hide the cursor.  Then use the remote arrow keys to navigate around FreeviewPlus.

If you want to bring the cursor back after you're done, just shake the magic remote to wake it up.

For more information, please see your TV User Guide or contact LG Support, you'll find details here.

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