How do I get FreeviewPlus?

FreeviewPlus is available to everyone in New Zealand!

Before you buy a FreeviewPlus Smart TV or box:

Check what type of antenna you have: a UHF aerial or a Satellite Dish.

If you have a UHF aerial, get a FreeviewPlus TV, box or Recorder that works with your UHF aerial;

If you have a Satellite Dish, get a FreeviewPlus Hybrid TV or Recorder that works with your Satellite Dish.

Buy a FreeviewPlus Smart TV or box from your favourite electronics store.

FreeviewPlus box retails from around $150, MyFreeviewPlus recorders retail from around $400.  Once set up, you can enjoy On Demand viewing on your TV anytime, subscription free!

Shop around for the best deals.

Connect your new FreeviewPlus Smart TV or box to both:
  • your Antenna (which should pick up all available live TV channels without pixilation. If you have reception issues please consult an installer)
  • your broadband (see here for tips about broadband connections). 
Tune in channels

Follow instructions in your TV or box manual to tune in all channels.

Once this is completed correctly, you should see a banner labeled FreeviewPlus pop up on the top left of the screen each time you change channel.

  • Press the RED button on your remote to load FreeviewPlus
  • Press the GREEN button to load the available on demand service from that associated network (for example, if you're on ONE or TV2, you'll go straight to TVNZ Ondemand by pressing the GREEN button).  
Follow the simple onscreen first-use prompts to explore FreeviewPlus!  

If you're not seeing the pop-up, please see here for some simple checks.

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