FreeviewPlus TV

There's a great range of FreeviewPlus Smart TVs and Connected TVs.  Most Smart TVs models released from 2015 onwards comes with FreeviewPlus, check links below for models with FreeviewPlus from leading brands, check directly instore or with the manufacturer.


Once you connect your FreeviewPlus TV to your antenna and broadband, simply tune in the channels and you're good to go.  

Check here if you'd like additional set up info, check your TV manual or directly with the manufacturer (contact details are listed on the Approved Products page).

Quick tip! if you're investing in a new TV, it's better to go for a higher end model - not only do most of them come with FreeviewPlus, but they're also generally equipped with better processors for faster performance when it comes to streaming and rendering, so you can have a better viewing experience.  


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