Set up tips for FreeviewPlus

First make sure you've followed set up instructions and have checked you have what's required to get FreeviewPlus.

If you have and don't see a FreeviewPlus prompt pop-up and can't load FreeviewPlus by pressing the RED button, here're a few things you can check through:

Is the Smart TV you have enabled for FreeviewPlus?

Check if these models lists to see if the model of your Smart TV is on list:


  • If your model is "pending approval" it means either Freeview or the manufacturer is working to enable FreeviewPlus soon, once it's enabled you will automatically have access to FreeviewPlus.  You can check with the manufacturer on when that will be or check the list again in a week or two.
  • If the model of your Smart TV is not on that list it means it's unlikely to be compatible with FreeviewPlus.  Please check with the retailer on whether you can exchange it for one that is. 
  • If your model is on the list and is approved, then you should be able to get FreeviewPlus once it's set up correctly.  See below for a few things to check....
Check you have perfect reception on all channels

Make sure you don't have pixelation or AV sync problems and that you have 19+ channels tuned in.  If you see pixelated pictures on some or all channels, or are missing channels, it's likely your UHF aerial may be faulty, please contact your installer.

Check Advanced Settings

Check that “HbbTV” or “FreeviewPlus” settings are enabled on your TV (check the device manual or with the manufacturer support team for instructions on how to enable this).

If you have an LG 2015 Smart TV, you'll find instructions here.

You'll find manufacturer contact details on the FreeviewPlus Approved Products page.

If you have firewalls set up on your home network
  • make sure is added to your whitelist / safe sites list.
If you need additional help with Set Up

Please contact manufacturer support for device-specific tips, or head to for free advice from the viewer and installer community.


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