What is Freeview|HD?

Freeview|HD ® is a digital TV platform where the TV signal is beamed over the air from local transmission towers (the technical term is Digital Terrestrial Transmission, or DTT).

This means you can access local TV stations on Freeview|HD, like CTV in Canterbury and South Canterbury, as well as the great range of channels offering their content nationwide.

As well as the usual benefits Freeview delivers, like crystal clear digital quality pictures and sound, you'll also get the added bonus of some of your favourite programmes in high definition.

All subscription free.

To get Freeview|HD, you need to: 

  1. Be in the Freeview|HD coverage area;
  2. Have a UHF aerial
  3. Have a Freeview|HD TV or set top box (most flatscreen TVs released after 2010 have Freeview|HD built-in).
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