Using your existing TV

Can't upgrade your TV right now? No problem.

You can connect a Freeview approved set top box or a MyFreeview Recorder to your existing TV.

Freeview Approved Set top boxes

Set top boxes are affordable alternatives to upgrading your TV.  A set top box connects to your antenna to decode the signal your antenna picks up over the air, then connects to your TV to send the decoded signal to your TV.

There's a range of set top boxes for every Freeview option:  FreeviewPlus Box  |  Freeview|HD Box  |  Freeview Satellite Box
MyFreeview Recorders

If you want to record TV to watch it whenever it suits you, MyFreeview Recorders can connect to any existing TV so you can tune into your favourite shows, and record them - subscription free.

Check out the range of MyFreeview Recorders:
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