I have queries / feedback about a programme or channel

There are two Freeview distribution platforms or services:

  • Freeview Satellite (received via satellite dish)
  • Freeview|HD (received via UHF aerial).

The channels available to you depend on which service you've got as well as your location within New Zealand.

Please see here for the most up-to-date listing of channels available via each of the two services and in cities / regions across New Zealand.


  • Does not create or control any content;
  • ¬†Does not restrict the platforms - either Freeview Satellite or Freeview|HD - through which certain channels are accessed;
  • Does not choose to restrict channel / content within certain areas in New Zealand.

These decisions are made by the broadcasters, based on a number of factors such as viewership numbers, demand, viewer demographics and transmission costs.

While we appreciate your feedback around programmes available via Freeview, we do not have any influence to make changes to the content available to you.

Your comments are valuable to broadcasters responsible for providing content. Hence it is best to contact the broadcaster(s) in question to inform them of your views so future consideration may be made. You'll find broadcaster contacts on their websites, which are linked from our channels list for your convenience.

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