How do I find out what’s on Freeview?

Freeview brings together 8 days of programming information provided by all broadcasters into an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). You can use the EPG on any Freeview Approved Product to find out what’s on across all channels for the next 8 days, just press the GUIDE or EPG button on your remote.

If you have a FreeviewPlus Smart TV or box, you’ll have an enhanced TV Guide that goes forward AND back 8 days in Catch Up mode, so not only can you find out what’s on for the next 8 days, but also scroll back 8 days to catch up on shows you missed on selected channels direct from TV Guide Catch Up mode the if the broadcaster has made them available on demand. Press the RED button on your remote to access the FreeviewPlus enhanced TV Guide.

In addition to these ways of easily accessing programming information on your TV screen, you can also find out what’s on for the next 8 days on the TV GUIDE page of this website, or download the Freeview TV Guide app for iOS or Android so you can find out what’s on Freeview on your smartphone or tablet.

All these ways of accessing programme info are available to you at no charge.

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